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How do I do it?

If you're anything like me, you've taught yourself a really goofy typing style that kind of sucks and now you're wanting to learn how to type properly and efficiently.

Well, if you want to do that you'll have to undo all of what you know about typing. It will be very frustrating and slow at first. Infact, I think most people will give up as it will probably take around 3 months of continuous practice (whenever you type) before your new typing style starts to feel very natural.

However, if you are one of the few that can stick at it and force yourself to practice and use the correct fingers everytime you use a keyboard like I did, you will see the benefits for the rest of your life (well, unless we replace keyboards with brain-computer interface things).

Now, there isn't too much theoretical knowledge to know about typing as it's more about the practicing however all of the basic things that you should know are discussed below.

The Home Keys

There are only two home keys, they are F and J. These keys are significant because it's how you will find your way around the rest of the keyboard. In most cases, these keys will have little bumps on them. These bumps aid partially sighted, blind and touch typist people. Without looking down at your keyboard try and find these keys and then rest your index fingers on them.

The Home Row

The home row is comprised of most of the horizontal keys that the F and J are on. With your index fingers resting on F and J, rest your remaining fingers on the keys to sides of F and J. These, plus the G and H keys are the keys of the home row.

Now what?

With your fingers resting along the home row, use the colored chart and hand prints above (sorry if you're color blind and/or not using a wide monitor) to see which fingers are supposed to go where. Try to press the correct keys without moving your hands too much and remember to always return your fingers to their respective default positions afterwards.

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